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What is a  Rune Psychic Clairvoyant

A reading is  £22 ($35)

Up to one hour for your reading.

No premium call rate.

I call you for your reading

 United Kingdom and the rest of the world - land lines only. USA and Canada - land lines and mobiles.


I am Jeff Martyn, a Rune Psychic Clairvoyant and my aim is to offer quality rune Readings at a reasonable price, in an informal and relaxed manner - with a decent amount of time to develop your reading and no call charges to yourself.

A little about me

Perhaps you would like to know me a little better before you decide to have a reading. Fair enough. So here is a potted version of my background. I have worked in this field for more than 20 years giving readings at psychic fairs, privately with one-to-one readings, on-line email readings, live telephone readings. Over the years I have given psychic and spiritual insight into many topics such as relationship problems, career, finance and home issues

I am have hosted my own radio station which is called “The Jeff Martyn Show” where you could have a free mini-reading from me, live on the radio. Click here to go to my show page for more information. Alternatively, you listen to archived recordings of my show using the player on the Jeff Martyn Show page

What ever the problem is I will endeavour to work with you, to help give you gain insight and clarity so that you can face the future with confidence and hope. One thing that is paramount in my work is that I am totally committed to honesty and integrity. I will not mince words or take detours to say what I mean. If you want an honest and direct reading, then I'm the man for you.

My standards
Your assurance

I am registered with the Guild of Spiritual Workers which is part of the Spiritual Workers Association in the U.K. This means that I adhere to a code of high professional conduct and practice at all times. If you wish to "check me out" please go to the SWA website by clicking the link here When you arrive, click on directory listings, enter my name in the "search by name" box and, hey presto, my details appear.

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Contact UK - 44 0161 241 0057 USA - 315 955 6510

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The Runes are an ancient m
ethod of divination first used by the Germanic peoples of Northern Europe around 150 AD. Their use flourished until the 17th century when Christianity grew and Runes were considered evil. Today, they are, again, being recognised as a intriguing way of doing readings and I have embraced their incredible energy as a method of giving readings.

The Runes in the slide show are of my own design and are Rune tiles rather than the little round pieces of wood with symbols on that you might recognise.

I now use Runes as an integral part of your reading.

If you would like a reading then you can phone or email me for more information. Then,if you decide to go ahead then make your payment below. One I get the confirmation email that you have paid for your reading, we can arrange a mutually  agreed time and away we go.

If you would like a reading, then phone or email me for more information or just go right ahead and pay for your reading below. Once I get the conformation email that you’ve paid for your reading, we can arrange a mutually agreed time and away we go.

Make a payment
Please Note

Due to a family situation, I won’t be taking any bookings for readings for the time being.